Growing money on trees by making green the new gold

In my previous article I argued that we need to ad ecology to our balance sheet, this time I’d like to take it a step further and see how we might actually create real exponential growth and abundance by limiting the creation of money by our ecological wealth.

It’s time to introduce the Green Standard, because if we can only create money upon expanding our ecosystem, then every Euro, Dollar, Yen or Pesa becomes a force for prosperity.

How would economic growth be financed at all if profit is pumped back into ecology and money creation is dependent on ecological growth?

Ecology not only creates future value, future value is inherent to ecology. So any deposit in the ecology bank will lead to a steady interest that accumulates over time. Value can be subtracted from this account for the benefit of economy without destroying the assets. In which case recovery is automatic and at no cost or effort.



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Zairah Khan

Regenerative Entrepreneur, Permaculture, BlueO2- Dreaming big from the ground upwards